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Demonstration Module

The demonstration module is identical to the standard licensed version for PC/Windows except that data files are limited to 20 variables and 200 cases. It is the contents of a PSKEY that determines whether a module has a limit on file size.

Thus you can install the demo and run it to see if it fits your needs. When you decide to purchase P-STAT, contact P-STAT sales at 609-466-9200 or email sales @pstat.com to arrange payment and we will supply you with the appropriate PSKEY. There is no need to download or reinstall another module.

Modules for PC/Windows

The following modules are available for use under PC/Windows.

The standard version (Whopper II) allows 6000 variables per data file. This is suitable for all but the largest projects.

Whopper III allows 10000 variables per data file.

Whopper IV allows 25000 variables per data file.

These modules are available on this web site. If you need more capacity email sales@pstat.com. There are larger modules available upon request.

Modules for Linux and Solaris

The following modules are available for use under Linux and Sun Solaris.


The following prices are for a single user/single PC or work station. The initial license fee includes the first year of support. After the first year maintenance is optional. It provides free update for new versions, fixes for any possible bugs in the software as well as reasonable help in using the system.

Prices for Whopper V, VI and VII, for educational users at degree granting institutions, and for multiple users can be obtained by Contacting P-STAT Inc.

Size Variables per file License Fee Annual Maintenance
Full Version: Whopper II 6,000 $995 $200
Full Version Whopper III 10,000 $1295 $300
Full Version Whopper IV 25,000 $1495 $300
TURF-Only 6,000 $595 $150
P-STAT Turf Analysis
P-STAT Turf Analysis Software
P-STAT Standard License
P-STAT Standard License

All prices are in US Dollars and are subject to change without notice. We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express. You may place your order by phone (609-466-9200), fax (609-466-1688), email sales@pstat.com , or you can mail your order to:

P-STAT, Inc.
230 Lambertville-Hopewell Road
Hopewell, NJ 08525-2809, USA