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P-STAT version 3.01 revision 8

The versions of P-STAT for Linux on Intel chip machines is fully functional. Multiple files may be created, used and saved even when using the unlicensed demo version. The only limitation in the demo version is on the size of a single file.

Linux module and instructions

The module and all the auxillary files are are in tar files zipped into a file which requires a password to unzip. The unzip password can be obtained by calling us at 609-466-9200 or filling out this form:

Upgrading from a demo to a full version requires only a purchase order or a credit card (VISA, Master card or American Express). This can be done by email, phone or fax.

email: sales@pstat.com
phone: 1-609-466-9200
fax: 1-609-466-1688