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What is P-STAT?

The P-STAT® system was first used to analyze psychopharmacological data. This data, collected from a variety of sources, required extensive cleaning and file manipulation. The result was a program that did far more than statistical analysis. The original authors, Roald and Shirrell Buhler, left the Princeton University Computer Center in 1979 to form P-STAT, Inc.

Today, P-STAT offers survey analysis, statistical analysis, data and file management, data presentation, and report-writing capabilities. Double precision is used to store numeric data and for all statistical and arithmetic processing. A full suite of functions is available for processing character fields which can be from 1 to 50,000 characters in length.

P-STAT's full power lies in the ability to combine these features with MACROS and PPL (the P-STAT Programming Language) into full featured and easy to use business applications. These applications can be run as background batch processes or interactively in response to user queries.

The P-STAT system also includes several features designed for market research including sample balancing, stub-and-banner displays and TURF. TURF stands for Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency analysis.

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