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P-STAT Version 3.01 revision 8 for SUN Solaris

The current version of P-STAT for Solaris on a SUN Sparc machine can be downloaded from the web. Two sizes are currently available for SUN SPARC. Solarisw1.zip is the standard version which allows 6000 variables per file. If you are not a current customer for this module, you can download it and run it as a demo version with a restricted file size (20x200). Solarisw3.zip is available for those users who have licensed the 10,000 variable version.

For SUN SPARC the modules and all the auxillary files are in self unziping sun-tar-zip format in files "solarisw1.zip" and "solarisw3.zip" You need a password to unzip these files. This password can be optained by calling P-STAT at 609-466-9200 or by filling out this following form. Be sure to check the module that you have downloaded. For licensed customers, a new PSKEY will also be supplied if your current PSKEY is outdated.

Installation instructions.

  1. Store the file in the desired final directory.

  2. Enter one of the following commands and reply to the prompt with the password. The characters in the password are uppercase characters


  3. Choose the final step depending on the module you selected:

    tar xf solarisw1.tar
    tar xf solarisw3.tar

    The installation is now complete.

    The helpfile is available in both plain text and in html for use in a browser. "pstat.help" is the text helpfile which is accessed when you enter HELP $ from the command line. To access the help files in your browser move to the directory "helpfiles" which is located in the directory where the p-stat module is installed. Then select "index.html".